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Church "Trinity" in Bansko is a remarcable creation of the Renaissance masters.

It is built in 1835 during a different religion and polital power, the church impresses with its size, icons of the talented molers from Bansko, the joyful decorational painings and golden iconostasis.
The church is a celebration of the natioanl spirit, bravery, confidance and diplomacy. 

Church facts: 
According to the latest information the church's name "Trinity" is connected to the church community in Viena that had the same name.
Famous trader families from Bansko had business with the Austrian capital during the 18th century and "Trinity" was considered the protector of the trade.

Every day there is a morning and evening mass.
The holidays include beating of the bells, as well as Sundays and other occassions. 
The church choir is there every Sunday, on holidays and for weddings. 

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Church "Trinity" in Bansko


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