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The ceremony for civil merriage is the most emotional moment in the wedding day. 
A careful planning and division of time, as well as a good organiser for the event are one side of the question. On the other side are all the other big and small details that need to be thought of in advance and not missed on the big day.
Pirin Golf Club and its team that organised the wedding events, has the neccessary experience, knowledge and contacts to create the perfect organisation and to help with the realisation of a beautiful, stylish and streess-free party for the bride and groom and their families.
With a specific ask we can give you infromation and prices for every detail of the wedding ceremony and preparation. 
Apart from that we recommend the future family to choose proffessionals - florists, decorators, photographers and others from the region of the tourist destinaton Bansko and Razlog, that are proven in their field and are highly appreciated with our customers. Choosing locals can also save costs for trips, accommodation and other expences that could be invested in the organisation of the dream wedding.
Ritual for civil marriage
Pirin Golf Club is located in the Razlog minicipality. The office that administrates the activiti for civil marriages in located in the main building of Minicipality Razlog. 
Contact: 0747 803 04
Neccessary documents for civil marriage:
  • ID cards of the bride and groom /notarised copy/
  • ID cards of the best man and maid-of-honor / notarised copy/
  • Medical certificate for civil marriage. Note that it is valid for only 30 days. 
  • Certificate for marriage status. Note that is it valid for 6 months and it is issued from the minicipality that you live in
Scanned, the neccessary documents can be sent via email first and after verifying their correctness then send with a courrier company. 

Neccessary elements of the ritual:
  • Wedding rings
  • Wine glasses
  • Bottle of wine


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