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As our valued guests and partners, we would like to assure you that the main goal of Pirin Golf & Country Club team is to ensure a peaceful and safe stay for you, your families and friends and your clients.
Our main priority in the current circumstances is to provide a healthy and safe hotel environment for all our guests and employees.
Facing the dynamic of a day-to-day events, our teams work to take all possible measures to reduse the risk, working daily by discussing and updating standards, training staff, and looking for the best opportunity for your vacation or golf game to be protected.
We follow the recommendations of local and global health organizations, strictly follow the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and have taken the following measures for your protection and wellbeing:
Arrival and Check-in:
We kindly ask you to specify your arrival time. Wearing protective equipment / mask and gloves / is recommended - for your safety and convenience, Pirin Golf & Country Club staff will serve you with due care and with safety equipment.
Upon your arrival, at the barrier of the resort, an employee of the Security Department will assist, if necessary, to have a ticket for access to the territory of the resort; please keep your ticket with you until the day of departure - in the meantime, entering and leaving the complex will be via magnetic key-card.
Registration and a key card hand over is at the Main Reception of Pirin Golf Hotel & SPA. At the entrance of the hotel, you will be greeted by an employee of the Front Office department - with a protective mask and gloves to assist with your accommodation.
Our Front desk will be working with 2 people at a time. Front Office attendant will provide magnetic key cards to access the room / apartment, hotel passport and map of the resort.
The key card provided to you is disinfected before it is placed in the hotel passport.
The entry of an employee into your room is only with your permission.
Restaurants and Bars
For your convenience and safety, the employees of restaurants and bars run by Bulgaria Holidays wear protective equipment - masks and gloves and monitor to maintain a social distance.
At the entrance of the restaurant an employee will welcome you and will accompany you for accommodation and will explain available service.
In case you have breakfast and / or dinner include in the price, please provide a hotel passport to your waiter.
With a buffet style service, you will be accompanied by your waiter for your choice of food and drink; A catering employee serves food and drinks from the buffet.
In case you are looking for "Quiet hours" for your breakfast and dinner, we would recommend times from 07:30  to 09:00ч and from 18:30ч to 19:30.
SPA Center and Sport zone
Employees of SPA Center and Pirin Golf Sports Zone are equipped with protective equipment - masks and gloves; you will find disinfectant dispensers in the marked places.
The location of sunbeds and umbrellas, as well as the quality of water, are monitored on a daily basis and strictly observed by the regulations of central and local authorities.
Up to 3 people are allowed in changing rooms at the SPA center. We kindly ask you to keep a social distance.
Golf club – golf cources, Proshop, Golf Academy
Golf courses Ian Woosman and Pirin Pine are now open!
Proshop serves not more than 1 player at a time, and employees are equipped with a protective mask and gloves.The locker rooms are available with up to 3 people - we kindly ask for keeping a social distance.
Tee times are scheduled every 10 minutes - please keep booked start times and plan an additional 5 minutes before the reserved hour.
In accordance with the recommendation and focused at your health, caddie and companions are not allowed for an indefinite period. Trolleys and buggies are disinfected by an employee after each use.
The team of Pirin Golf & Country Club monitors the calm and safe game.
Pirin Golf & Country Club is dedicated to your health, wellbeing and security.
Our team is constantly updating protocols regarding the cleanliness and disinfection of your room or apartment, restaurants, reception and common areas.
Housekeeping Department cleans your room / apartment by applying additional disinfection actions; we follow the recommendations and requirements of the Ministry of Health and RHI for the use of certain detergents.
Rooms and Apartments are cleaned and disinfected after leaving and before the arrival of the next guest; special attention is paid to the most frequently touched places and objects.
The public areas are cleaned and disinfected three times a day, paying special attention to the reception desk, elevator buttons, doors.
In case you prefer not to be visited by a Houskeeping staff during your stay, please inform Reception.
We will do our best to make your stay unforgettable !


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