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Ritual for chirch marriage. The ceremony
During the year there are strict dates that you can perform a chich wedding. The wedding ritual can take place in the beautiful churches:
  • „St. Blagoveshtenie" in Razlog
  • "St. Troitsa" in Bansko
Eparcy priest : father Yanko, T.: 0892 234 600

Neccessary documents:
  • Copy of the baptismal certificate of the bride and groom
  • Copy of the wedding certificate of the best man and maid of honor
Elements of the ritual:
  • Wedding rings
  • Bread
  • Honey
  • Bottle of wine
It is not allowed to bring in candles for the ritual. The candles are provided from the church. 

  • The ritual is between 30 and 40 min. long
  • The whole ceremony with photo session - 1 hour
  • Reservation of the date: 1 month in advance
Additional information: 
It is allowed to have a church marriage before civil marriage with a guarantee from the administration office in the minicipality that the civil marriage is scheduled for the same day. 

Forbidden days for church marriage: 
  • Easter fasting: from the Monday after Sirni Zagovzni until Easter. The rituals are also forbidden two days after Eastern. 
  • Virgin Mary fasting: from 1st of August until the 14th of August.
  • Peter's fasting:Петрови пости:  from 8th of June until the 29th of June
  • Christmas fasting: From the 15th of November until the 25th of December
  • Feast of the cross – 14 September; Christmass – 25 December; Epiphany (holiday) – 6 January, Candlemas – 2 February, Holy Annunciation – 25 March, Palm Sunday, Ascention, Petnecost – 8 weeks after Easter on Sunday, Transfiguration – 6 August, Assumption of Virgin Mary – 15 August Nativity of Mary – 8 September, Presentation of Mary – 21 November. Marriage ceremony is also not allowed on the 29 August – The beheading of John the Baptist 


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